I. Business purposes

Create value for customers Create opportunities for employees Create benefits for society and shareholders.

2. Enterprise spirit:

Unity: the driving force for growth

Innovation: the power of sustainable development

Integrity: the root of our existence

Win-win: the value of our business.

3.strive to be a first-class employee to create first-class products and create a first-class enterprise.

4. Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of the company.

5. Seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising, customer first, excellent quality

6."integrity, collaboration, learning, high efficiency" is our professional quality, "continuous innovation, excellence" is our driving force.

7. Customer first, integrity first, innovative development, precision and truth-seeking

8. Constantly innovate in progress and constantly surpass in innovation.

9. Work philosophy: The first time you do things right, every time you do things right.

10. Enterprises must be strong All the staff will work hard to achieve internationalization.


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