Governance plan

Oye Environmental ServicesPhotocatalyst management program


Standardized and accurate inspection process

Third-party CMA detection and management


Safe and non-toxic

Source decomposition long-lasting effective

Purifier treatment plan

Photocatalyst can remove most of the chemical gas pollution, but can not remove the polluting gas molecules and PM2.5, cigarette smoke, etc. that are free in the air. Build a comprehensive indoor air purification system with the Blue Air Air Purifier

Green plant placement

Natural vacuum cleaner to reduce dust and microorganisms in the air

Reduce computer generated radiation and carbon dioxide, release oxygen

Relieve work fatigue and stress

Photocatalyst principle

Oye Environmental Services

Oye Environmental Services


The photocatalyst was tested by the National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Under the 24h fluorescent lamp, 91% of formaldehyde was removed, the benzene removal rate was 92%, and the TVOC removal rate was 88%. Under the same test conditions, the purification effect was at the leading level.

Oye Environmental Services


Approved by the US Food Inspection Center.

Titanium dioxide, the main raw material of photocatalyst, is a safe substance.

Harmless to the human body, generally used for food, cosmetics, medicine, aquaculture

Designated as one of the food additives in Japan by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Absolute safety for the human body


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