Relocation of enterprises under the new epidemic situation

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At present, the epidemic situation of Xinguan is still serious. How can OYE safely and smoothly help enterprises complete the relocation task under the new normal environment and on the premise of good epidemic prevention. What needs to be paid attention to in the whole relocation process, and how does OYE better cope with these.

Oye Environmental Services

1. Confirm epidemic prevention regulations for relocation of new and old sites

Before the relocation, ask the property at the relocation address about the relevant epidemic prevention regulations, confirm whether vehicles and relocation personnel are allowed to enter, and what certificates, such as identity certificates and accompanying application codes, are required for relocation personnel to enter.

2. Fully ensure epidemic prevention safety of staff

During the relocation, Ouye will provide personnel with green application code and travel code to participate in the project. The nucleic acid test results of all personnel will be negative within 48 hours, and self inspection will be conducted before the project starts. All relocated personnel will be equipped with masks and hand sanitizers.

3.Items are packed in advance and can be disinfected if necessary

The articles of the enterprise shall be packed in advance to avoid direct exposure through packing, and the labels shall be recorded. The relocated persons shall transport and restore the articles uniformly. If necessary, the articles can be disinfected in an all-round way as soon as they enter and leave, and the articles can be left standing on site. OYE has the first level construction qualification of Shanghai disinfection service enterprises, and served many enterprises during the epidemic.


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