Methods for indoor formaldehyde removal

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When we decorate a new house, we often worry about the existence of indoor air pollution, which can exist in every place of the home. We don't know when we find that it is beyond the standard, and we feel that it is impossible to prevent it. Search online for ways to find many indoor formaldehyde removal methods, but are they all effective? In fact, it is not certain.

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1、 Ventilation

For indoor air management, ventilation is a common method, because natural ventilation has very obvious advantages: low cost, easy operation, just choose a time to keep the window open, do not need to consider too many things, but ventilation also has a very fatal way, that is, the time is too long and the effect cannot be guaranteed, that is, you do not know how long to ventilation.

2、 Fresh air system

The fresh air system is an enhanced version of ventilation. Accelerating the indoor air circulation speed makes the indoor air pollution can be discharged more effectively. However, this is not cheap, and the fresh air system on the market lacks a trusted brand, so it is not commonly used at present. We can expect to see the new fresh air system technology in the future.

3、 Adsorption method

Activated carbon adsorption is a very common method to remove formaldehyde. In addition, diatom sludge and other methods have a feature that they can absorb formaldehyde in large quantities. However, if formaldehyde treatment is not carried out or a batch of formaldehyde is replaced after adsorption, the harm of formaldehyde is still present, and secondary pollution may be caused by emission.

4、 Negative ion method

Negative ions are the common technology of air purifiers and are very popular. However, negative ions can generate ozone while removing indoor air pollution, eliminating old pollution and bringing new pollution. It is not recommended. If you want to use air purifiers to remove formaldehyde, you can choose other principles.

5、 Strong oxidation reaction method

Now, some formaldehyde removal products or companies use strong oxidizing agents that can effectively remove indoor air pollution. But once they are removed, they are disowned and can react to everything. Often, some things in the home will be stained and cause discoloration or even damage. Now, most of them have been eliminated.

6、 Formaldehyde removal by photocatalyst

Now photocatalyst formaldehyde removal is a more effective formaldehyde removal method on the market. It can carry out long-term indoor formaldehyde treatment according to the characteristics of long-term formaldehyde release, and it will not consume itself. One treatment is enough. In addition, the current technology has overcome the disadvantage that photocatalyst can only absorb sunlight, and it can be treated even at night.


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